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Professor Stephen Lyth

Chancellor’s Fellow in Sustainable Energy

“Making Sustainability Sustainable: Nanomaterials from Biomass”


Offshore Atlantic Domain Manager

Geothermal – Chemical and Engineering Opportunities

ian thomas

Senior Consultant (Sustainable Development and Regulatory Assurance)

Digitalisation – “Supporting the Chemical Sector to Acquire Quality Assured Emissions Data to Meet Energy Transition Net Zero Objectives”

Karl Farrow

Chief Executive Officer

Geothermal “Turning Liabilities into Assets”

Pia Klee

Head of Sustainability Transformation, Business Unit Care Chemical

Sustainability – “Tracking sustainability efforts in the oil & gas industry”

Dr Cordner Peacocke

Chief Technology Officer

Reducing Carbon Emissions – “Pyrolysis for biomass and wastes conversion: how it contributes to the Circular Economy and carbon reduction by biochar generation”


Eastern Hemisphere Sales Manager – Oil and Gas

Geothermal – “Best of Both Worlds – Meeting Net Zero Whilst Increasing Oil Production – The Benefits of Polymer Enhanced Oil Recovery”


General Manager

Geothermal – “Sustainable Chemistries for Production Chemistry Challenges in Geothermal Operations”

Professor Nick Schofield

Professor of Igneous & Petroleum Geology

Carbon Capture, Utilisation & Storage – “CO2 sequestration into volcanic rocks: viable or bandwagon jumping?”

Jani Shibuya

PhD Researcher, Department of Chemistry

Hydrogen – “Seawater desalination without electrical input

Calum Watson

Senior Project Engineer

Geothermal – “Geothermal in the UK and a National Centre”

Baard Kaasa

CEO & Consultant

Carbon Capture Utilisation & Storage – “Halite Control during CCUS

Mathieu Salaün

Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Field Operation Manager

Enhanced Oil Recovery “Internal Ketone Sulfonate – A New Bio-sourced Surfactant for Chemical EOR”

Stephen Heath

Managing Director, Creative Chemical Solutions Ltd and Technical Director, Production Chemistry Training Ltd.


Carbon Capture Utilisation & Storage – Scale Control in Carbon Capture Utilisation and Shut In (CCUS)”

dr KHOSRO Jarrahian

Postdoctoral Research Associate


Modelling and Experimental Investigation of FeS Formation in Sour Reservoirs

Ogbemi Bukuaghangin

Flow Assurance Specialist


“Non-Chemical Scale Control Strategy: Application of Electromagnetic Field-Based Technology”